just say no

My dear, sweet, adorable, 22 month old nephew recently learned a new word. No. Now I know what you’re thinking…here come the “terrible twos”; the screaming Nooooo as his mom, my very patient sister, drags him out of the grocery store; the falling on the floor crying NO’s that come when a near two-year-old doesn’t … More just say no

cleaning house

  I intentionally scheduled time at home in Durham for my final two weeks of Sabbatical.  I envisioned using these weeks to do all the things that I usually put off “until I have time” and the things that tend to aggravate the slightly obsessive-compulsive regions of my brain. I wanted to vacuum the deepest … More cleaning house


These two weeks, I’ve been at Montreat Youth Conference serving as a Recreation Leader. I was a last minute addition to the line up, brought on to help out my dear friend who is leading rec while also very pregnant. I told myself I was going to say no to Montreat during this Sabbatical summer. … More re-creation

sabbath baby steps

I’ve continued time at the beach the past two weeks (I’m now in Montreat but that’s a story for another post). The beach is my happy place for a lot of reasons but a big one is that there, I feel free from any sort of schedule. I sleep when I’m tired and eat when … More sabbath baby steps

vegas places

Going from Montreat, NC to Las Vegas, NV in just a little over 24 hours may be one of the most stark contrasts of my life. From that thin place on the mountain, surrounded by lush green plants and over a thousand teenagers wearing t-shirts proclaiming their faith and seeking genuine relationships to “Sin City”, … More vegas places