The Aloha Bench

Aloha means far more than hello and goodbye as most of us learned in our 3rd grade social studies class. The kind of Aloha that I’ve experienced in Hawaii these two weeks goes way beyond a simple greeting. “The literal meaning of aloha is “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life.” It comes … More The Aloha Bench

Keeping the Feast

Feasting and eating are two very different things. Eating is what happens to leftovers over the kitchen sink as you rush out the door to the next thing on your calendar. Feasting is what happens when a meal is lovingly prepared for hours, served on grandmother’s fine china, surrounded by family. Eating is what you … More Keeping the Feast

Kim vs the Volcano

In the 1990 movie, Joe vs. the Volcano, Joe Black was trapped in a sickeningly mundane life…a brutal, fluorescent soaked, 9-5 job, no passions, and a bad case of hypochondria. A diagnosis of an incurable “brain cloud” sends Joe on a trip to a far away island to fight a volcano and save the island … More Kim vs the Volcano