Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

It’s been a wonderful (but long) first day in Scotland! I think I slept maaaaybe two hours on the overnight flight and have been going non stop since I landed.

–Plane to Glasgow. (landed at 6:30am…which is my body’s 1:30am but had clear skies coming in so I could see the outer Hebrides and Mull in great detail from the air.)
–Bus to train station. (in my sleepy stupor I almost missed my stop and would have ended up back at the airport…almost)
–Train to Edinburgh. (sat beside what i assumed was a stern Scottish business man who, when there was a loud, alarming thud from under the train, leaned over and said in the most adorable Scottish accent “must have been all that porridge i had this morning.”
–Taxi to my bed and breakfast which was kind enough to let me freshen up even though my room wouldn’t be ready for hours.
–Headed out on foot around 10:00am.

The weather has been nearly perfect. Sunny and not a rain cloud in sight. Windy, but i didn’t event need my jacket…just had to walk on the sunny side of the street.

I hit Edinburgh Castle first then wandered my way down the Royal Mile. I’m currently in a cute pub having the requisite fish and chips (had the bangers and mash for lunch) before I call it an early night and attempt to get myself on this timezone.

It has really been a planes, trains, and automobiles kind of day but full of amazing views, good food, bagpipe music, cobblestone streets and a castle. What else could I want? Oh yeah, a Ceilidh. That’s tomorrow.

Here’s a few pictures of what i saw today. There’s 100 in all. You’re welcome for only showing you 12. 🙂

1. My future husband…I mean a random bagpiper on the street who’s tunes I could hear wafting up on the balconies of the castle. Blissful I tell ya!

2. Edinburgh Castle

3. the view from the castle

4. stained glass in the tiny castle chapel.

5. the sign at the crowned jewels…they won’t let you photograph inside. but trust me, I could totally pull the crown and scepter off with a simple black dress.

6. Scotland’s version of the PCUSA offices.

7. Beautiful tartans ready for kilting at the Tartan Weaving Mill.

8. More Tartan Weaving Mill

9. The Clan McNeill tartan on the loom!

10. The largest collection of Scotch Whisky in the world. Really, the whole world. This was about a third of it. In all, there’s over 3,400 varieties.

11. Desk in the John Knox House

12. The “wee” path from my Bed and Breakfast down to Old Town. Isn’t it adorable?!













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