Ceilidh – Just another Saturday night in Edinburgh

This Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) was held at St Bride’s Center. St Bride’s was once a church. But like many churches in Scotland, it no longer has a congregation so the building has been repurposed. This one is a community arts center and hosts all sorts of events. About once a month, they host a Ceilidh. Ceilidh’s are much like American Contra dancing or the Montreat Barn Dances. Everyone up and dancing…the pros (the old guys in kilts with whisky on their breath) pulling the new kids (me) around the room until we get the hang of it. It was the most fun! Thankful for my clogging days that at least taught me how to hang on for the spin without falling and taking my partner down with me. Even did a Virginia Reel to “Dixie” which felt a little like home. Favorite dances were the Highland Schottische and the Dashing White Sergeant. Need more of this in my American life.








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